Итоговый тест по английскому языку (3 класс). Тесты по английскому языку 3 класс с ответами

Контрольная работа по английскому для 3 класса

Следующая контрольная работа по английскому языку для 3-го класса нацелена на проверку знаний по следующим темам.


Лексика по темам:

  • члены семьи,
  • праздники,
  • вопросительные слова.

Контрольная работа для 3 класса.

Упражнение 1. Замени русские слова английскими.

I’ve got  ________ (брат). It’s his ___________           (день рождения). He is ___________ (двенадцать) today. He likes his (подарки). Он __________ (счастлив).

Упражнение 2. Замени единственное число множественным.

  1. Sally has got an apple.
  2. Alex has got a green ball.
  3. Greg and Lucas have got a book, a pencil and a ruler.
  4. Sandy and Meredith have got a bike and a car.


Упражнение 3. Поставь артикли a, the или (—).

  1. We have got ____cake and ____ pie, _____ apples and _____ oranges on ____ table.
  2. I like to drink ____juice, ____milk and ____mineral water.
  3. He’s got ____ birthday party today, ____party is very funny.

Упражнение 4. Измени предложения.

Образец: Olga has got a flower. It’s her flower.

  1. Misha has got a brother.
  2. We have got a car.
  3. My grandma has got a bag.
  4. His grandpa has got a bike.

Упражнение 5. Вставьте and, or или but.

  1. Molly has got a cat ______ a dog.
  2. Molly has got a friend, ______she hasn’t got a brother.
  3. Is Molly’s bag under the desk______on the chair?
  4. Is this a bike ______a car?

Упражнение 6. Составьте предложения

  1. Are, in, the, my, pencils, bag.
  2. Swimming, we, are, the, lake, in.
  3. The, are, at, school, pupils.
  4. In, the, the, children, are, park.
  5. Son, is, his, with, ball, the, playing.

Упражнение 7.  Подчеркни правильный вариант.

  1. What / how is his name?
  2. Where / why is she?
  3. Where / who is sad?
  4. Why / who are you happy?
  5. When / what is the party?

Упражнение 8. Fill in the gaps. Use the words from the box.

am, is, are, have, has    

Hi! My name (1) ______ Nick. I (2) _____ eight. I (3) _____ got a dad, a mum, a sister and a brother. My mother (4) ____ a teacher. She (5) _____ got many pupils. They (6) _______my friends. My father (7) ______a driver. Не (8) ______ got a new car. My brother (9) _____ not a pupil. He (10) ______ four. He (11) _______ got many toys.

My sister (12) ______not a pupil, either. She (13) _____ a student. She (14) _____ got many books. We (15) ______ got a pet. It (16) _____ a kitten. His name (17) ___ Barsik. Barsik (18) _____ funny and clever. The kitten (19) ______ got a mouse. The mouse (20) _____ grey.

Ответы к контрольной работе.


A brother / birthday / twelve / presents / is happy


  1. an apple -> apples
  2. a green ball -> green balls
  3. a book, a pencil and a ruler -> books, pencils and rullers
  4. a bike and a car -> bikes and cars


  1. a / a / -/ -/ the
  2. — / — / —
  3. a / the


  1. It’s his brother.
  2. It’s our car.
  3. It’s her bag.
  4. It’s his bike.


1 and, 2 but, 3 or, 4 or  


  1. My pencils are in the bag.
  2. We are swimming in the lake
  3. The pupils are at school.
  4. The children are in the park.
  5. His son is playing with the ball.


1 what, 2 where, 3 who, 4 why, 5 when


1 is, 2 am, 3 have, 4 is, 5 has, 6 are, 7 is, 8 has, 9 is, 10 is, 11 has, 12 is, 13 is, 14 has, 15 have, 16 is, 17 is, 18 is, 19 has, 20 is

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Итоговый тест по английскому языку (3 класс)

1) Read and write True or False.

Our house is very big. There’s a kitchen, two living rooms, two bathrooms and four bedrooms. Look! There’s a big table and six chairs in the kitchen. This is my bedroom. There’s a nice computer in it. Look at all the trees in the garden. Our house is lovely!

a) There is one living room.

b) There are four bedrooms.

c) There is a small table in the kitchen.

d) There are four chairs in the kitchen.

e) There are trees in the garden. Max 5 points

2) Read and choose.

a) This is my mum. (His/her) name is Rosie.

b) (What/Whose) is this ball? Harry’s.

c) Is it (a/an) armchair?

d) (There is/ There are) two books on my desk.

e) (Who/Where) is Derek? In the garden.

f) Can you give me two (glass/glasses), please?

g) Look at the kangaroo! It (has got/have got) a long tail!

h) I (doesn’t like/don’t like) vegetables. Yuk!

i) I don’t like (mouse/mice). They are nasty!

j) George (likes/like) pizza.

4) Choose the right variant.

a) What’s your name? (This is Fiona. /I’m Lena. )

b) Whose is this? (It’s Danny’s. / It’s Danny. )

c) What’s this? (A pencil case. /My brother. )

d) Where’s my shirt? (On your bed. /It is brown. )

e) Can I have (any/some) cake, please? Max 10 points

5) Translate the prepositions.

a) There are two armchairs (в)the living room.

b) There is a sofa (перед)the window.

c) There is a lamp (рядом) the armchair.

d) There are some toys (на) the table.

e) There are two cats (под) the sofa. Max 15 points

Полную информацию смотрите в файле. 


Тест по английскому языку для 3 класса - Тесты - Каталог файлов

Variant I

Task I.  Вставьте нужный предлог: for, in,   at, from, on, with.

1. He lives _____the forest.

2. I like to play _____my doll.

3. Mr. Rule is ______England.

4. Children go to the park ____Monday.

5. Dad drinks coffee ____breakfast.

Task II. Make up questions.

1. like, what, to, do, you, do?

2. where, you, like, do, play, to?

3. you, have, what, at, got, home?

4. Bob, a, ride, where, does, bike?

5. do, you, park, the, in, walk?

Task III. Make up questions.

1. Yes, they are. They are students.

2. No, I can not. I can not fly.

3. No, we do not. We do not read.

4. Yes, I am. I am a pupil.

5. Yes, he does. He draws well.

Task IV. Make up negative sentences.

1. He can read.

2. She is sad.

3. I am a pupil.

4. They are students.

5. We have got an envelope.

7. Oleg runs well.

8. They go home.

9. I must sleep.

10. You may go.

Task V.  Выберите правильный перевод словосочетания:

1. girl’s ball   a) мяч девочек;  b) мяч девочки

2. boy’s stamps   a) марки мальчика; b) марки мальчиков

3. pupils’ pens  a) ручки учеников;  b) ручки ученика

4.children’s toys  a) игрушка  детей b) игрушки детей

Task VI. Выберите нужное слово: much (a), many (b).

honey, pencil, bag, meat, sweet, soup, orange, tea, sugar, apple, porridge, cake.

Task VII. Образуйте множественное число существительных.

tomato, pen, child, tooth, woman, toy, sheep, family, wolf, tiger.




Variant 2.

Task I.  Вставьте нужный предлог: for, in, at, from, on.

1. I go to school ___Saturdays.

2. Tim gets up_____7.30 am.

3. Children play tennis ___the  park.

4. The bear likes honey _____breakfast.

5.Kate is _____Russia.

Task II. Make up questions.

1. does, go, when, to, she school?

2. your, what, favourite, is, holiday?

3. toys, you, have, how many, do?

4. he, brother, has, a, got?

5. she, in, swim, the, river, can?

 Task III. Make up questions.

1. Yes, he does. He runs well.

2. No, I do not. I do not eat cakes.

3. Yes, we can. We can run.

4. No, he is not. He is not 7 years old.

5. Yes, he has. He has got a dog.

Task IV. Make up negative sentences.

 1. They must sit.

2. He sleeps well.

3. We have got a hen.

4. I am big.

5. Mum has got a son.

6. Students are clever.

7. A dog can run.

8. The parrot is funny.

9. Pupils can read.

10. She often reads books.

Task V.  Выберите правильный перевод словосочетания:

1. postmen’s envelopes   a) конверты почтальона;  b) конверты почтальонов

2. dog’s house  a) дом собаки;  b) дом собак

3.girls’ flowers   a) цветы девочки;  b) цветы девочек

4. dolls’ houses  a) домики кукол;   b)  домики куклы

Task VI. Выберите нужное слово: much (a), many (b).

man, egg, jam, banana, juice, pencil-box, milk, bread, cheese, butter, coffee, ham.

Task VII. Образуйте множественное число существительных.

 man, toy, foot, potato, sweet, mouse, city, dress, cabbage, orange.